Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Complete Set

A couple of months ago, I purchased the most beautiful late-1940s vintage 2-piece suit, done in metallic green and gold thread.  It was labeled a "Paula Brooks Original," and was absolutely GORGEOUS!  

I wanted to keep it, but it was a bit too big for me.  Just a few days later, I ended up - through pure serendipity! - selling it to a friend, who fit into the suit as though it was made for her!  The problem was that this lovely lady - *GASP* - didn't have a hat to match!  


Well, the Mad Hattress came to the rescue...

I was rushing to finish this hat by Memorial Weekend, so it's not has "professional" as my others, but I think it's still a lovely little chapeau!  The felt base was originally a hideous wannabe flapper hat put out about 6 years ago by the GAP.  I think it's much prettier now.  The felt was difficult to work with, since it wanted to pill out on me every time I tried to shape it.  In an effort to avoid this, I quickly shaped the crown over an overturned terracotta flower pot, and then ran a quick gathering stitch around the sides of the crown, tucking the largest of the gathers in the back for a cool, tilted affect.  The hat is decorated with iridescent green rooster feathers that curl forward as a fun cat toy!

I think this turned out to be an adorable little chapeau!

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