Monday, May 07, 2012


We worked hard this weekend, rushing to get the B&B/property ready for the first booking(s) of the year.  It's always a great deal of work to prepare the inn for the tourist season, but when the first bookings also coincide with the gardening-planting rush, it really equals chaos!  In any event, we got the room ready, the hot tub cleaned out and running, the fountain in the Memorial Garden (in the center of the driveway) cleaned out and running), the remaining mulch moved, and many more numerous chores.  Ryan and I were exhausted by Saturday evening, but happy to have had such a productive day!  On Sunday, we were told that we needed to get out of the house and go do something fun "or else!"  Though I know my family was correct, I still felt like an ornery donkey about to be trailer-loaded (signs that I may be a workaholic).  But, Ryan and I packed a picnic lunch, stopped by Cowhorn for a bottle of amazing Syrah and fresh asparagus, and drove out to Applegate Lake.  
We had a picnic in the forest by the far edge of the lake, and then took a lovely amble up the mountain side.  We hadn't taken our backpacks or nearly enough water for a true hike in the 80 degree heat, but the walk was very nice.  Next weekend, we'll be heading out again on Sunday - this time for a TRUE hike!  I told Ryan that we need to get all of the "fun stuff" in before tourist season really takes off!

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