Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking Back in Order to Move Forward

I always enjoy looking back on my goals for the past year, and seeing what I accomplished and what I didn't, what was a realistic goal and what wasn't, etc. In examining my 2010 goals, I see that I was definitely unrealistic about quite a few of them! But I have learned my lesson this year, and will try not to be quite so optimistic! On the positive side, I completed a large portion of my gardening-related goals, which is something that I am quite proud of. Here is a recap of my goals for 2010 (written in December 2009). My notes and thoughts on each of these goals follow in red:

Thinking ahead to next year makes me also ponder what goals I have in mind for 2010. I hate making New Years' resolutions, but I DO believe in setting obtainable goals for yourself for the coming year.
**OBTAINABLE goals is clearly still something that I need to work on...though I do prefer to think of it as being overly-optimistic (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, right???!)**

Here is my list:

1. Increase the size of my dairy goat herd (pretty easy, since I have 5 does due in February & March - fingers are crossed for lots of girl babies!!)
**Done. 13 babies, and though we had a few infant mortalities & stillborns (which, even when it is caused by something out of your hands, is still heartbreaking), we kept the 4 best doelings.**

2. Finish building my 4th raised bed in the herb garden
**Done (at the unfortunate expense of my back and wrists)!**

3. Finish landscaping the herb garden
**Also done, with the exception of the little transplants here and there...but I'm calling this goal accomplished!**

4. Plant one or more fig trees over Jugi's grave
**Planted 3, and an heirloom rose bush ("Bizarre Triumph," which I thought was oddly fitting)**

5. Have an amazing summer with the B&B business! Pay off 2 out of 3 large debts associated with moving to Oregon/getting the B&B up off of its feet
**Ok, totally slow summer season this year, but that was a bit out of our hands with the economy and all. Spoke with the folks down at the chamber of commerce, and they said this was the worst summer they'd seen in 30 years. Even so, our summer was certainly not for lack of trying on OUR end. Better luck in 2011 I guess!**

6. Get a cheese press, and have Ryan make hard cheeses for eating in Winter 2010
**Done! And delicious! I'm a total goat cheese Manchego convert now...**

7. Increase yacon crop (possibly 2 separate harvests in May and November: growing my yacon indoors this winter, harvesting it in May, and then setting it out again for another harvest in November)
**I actually managed to do this! And I managed to divide and multiply my number of plants for NEXT spring too! Yay me!**

8. Graft 100 heirloom apple trees (and pray for a 70%+ success rate)
**Yeah...FAR too optimistic on this one. Managed to graft about 25, but the insane hot/cold weather blips we had over the summer proved too much for most of the grafts that took. Of the 13 or so grafts that took, only 3 made it to the end of the summer. Sad day. I'm still determined to graft more apple trees, but I think this year I am going to stick to a goal of 20 or so.**

9. Begin landscaping the "Innkeepers' Backyard." My goal is to have it looking pretty (if not exactly finished) by the summer solstice in June, so that I can have a Solstice/BBQ party in my yard!
**I should have known this was far too large of a goal for a single year...We do have a queue of projects, after all, and this one is pretty far down the line...**

10. Build the outdoor dutch oven in the "Innkeepers' Backyard."
**See above comment**

11. Increase advertising for the B&B
**The slow summer meant we didn't have the extra funds to meet this goal, but I am REALLY hoping it's a goal I can accomplish in 2011!**

12. Increase types of medicinal herbs found in my herb garden
**I think it's safe to say I took this goal and ran with it.**

13. Grow more freaky cacti (from seed!)

14. Help Ryan to convert the larger Apothecary Suite closet into a walk-in library
**Refer to comments about advertising and innkeeper backyard.**

15. Begin converting the Solarium into a real conservatory.
**Let's call and greenhouse a greenhouse and check this off.**

16. Finish building planter boxes for the Secret Garden & plant more grapes, etc. in that area
**Thanks to contributions from kind souls, I didn't have to build anything! The wonderful addition of an old cast iron tub, a lovely little row boat, and an old animal feeder made WONDERFUL planter boxes!**

17. Obtain my nursery license and begin making plant sales
**I have decided that there is enough insanity in my life. Why add to it? Nix this one.**

18. Visit my heart sister, Elaina, and her (*fingers crossed*) baby!!
**Insane work schedule and lack of funds rather shot this one down. Sigh. Next year?**

19. Spend more time with my husband & appreciate the beautiful moments in life
**Totally and wonderfully accomplished! I love you, Ryan!**


**Hell-bleeping-yeah I did!!!!!!!!!**

~~~~~ that we have discussed the goals of 2010, let's move on to my goals for 2011 (and see if I have learned anything about setting obtainable goals for myself!):

  1. Increase advertising for the B&B
  2. Double or Triple my corn crops
  3. Double or triple my squash crops (zucchini is NOT included in this!)
  4. Sell more produce & plants
  5. Come up with more amazing B&B recipes using even more ingredients from my garden!
  6. Have a decent heirloom apple harvest
  7. Plant more peach, apple, and cherry trees around the property
  8. Increase the size of my two garden plots thanks to the tractor
  9. Take a longer vacation
  10. Weave more
  11. Learn to better separate my business life from my personal life
  12. Spend more time with my husband
  13. Take a hike (I miss being able to do that)
  14. Try to have more of a social life (i.e. get OFF of the farm more)
  15. Have a successful melon or watermelon crop
  16. Go fishing with my husband (note I did not say CATCH a fish)
  17. Spend more time appreciating how blessed I am and being thankful for the little things
  18. Make it to 100 vintage hats (heehee)
  19. Wear earrings more often (what? I need some frivolous goals in here for fun! You can't be serious ALLLLLL the time!)
I'm sure that there are other goals I will think of, but I believe that's a pretty decent start on things...

Happy New Year, everyone! May your 2011 be one of those "Happy Golden Years."

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