Friday, December 10, 2010

Vintage Hat #1...

(I was a very, VERY good girl this year!)

The first of three "new" vintage hats arrived for me today! It was love (or perhaps lust?) at first sight for me on this hat...I have never seen anything so beautiful before! It is a late 1940's black panne velvet cap edged all around the front with a chain of sparkling prong-set clear glass rhinestones & finished with a subtle (hahaha) 17" long spray of elegant egret feathers! There is no label on the hat. I purchased this from HeadHunter Vintage on Etsy - a TOTALLY awesome store! I had a really great buying experience with this seller.

I've always wanted to own a hat with egret feathers...I'm wearing this out on the town tonight when my husband and I go out for drinks.

I expect hat #2 in the mail any day now...

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