Friday, December 31, 2010

Something Squirrely...

I'm finally getting around to posting a few pictures of the Christmas presents I received (ok, ok: bought for myself and had my family wrap up) this year. As you know, I'm a big sucker for the (cheap) vintage furs (***and before I get screamed at, please read my usual fur-related footnote at the bottom of this post).

I found this gorgeous dyed Russian squirrel fur wrap at a local store for $25. What made this find even more amazing - besides the awesome price - was the fact that in the pocket I discovered the original price tag and SIGNED sales receipt! This is a wrap with a history!! How wonderful! It was purchased on November 30th, 1959 by John S. Madsen for the amount of $115 plus tax and what I assumed was a delivery fee.

It's by far the softest, most exquisite thing I have ever had wrapped around me, and that includes my husband (*laughing* - sorry, honey!)...

***A Note about wearing vintage fur: I am not pro-animal-death-for-fashion. I think we can ALL agree that I adore animals and absolutely hate to see a single one suffer (I can hardly handle turkey slaughter season!). I have experienced all levels of life and death on this farm: I have brought animals into this world and helped them to leave it. Long story short: I. LOVE. ANIMALS. That being said, I enjoy vintage fashions, and (unfortunately for some) fur is a part of that. A vintage fur piece was made YEARS ago - I was not the woman who specifically requested it. I would NEVER wear or buy new fur. Therefore, I feel ok in buying and enjoying the vintage pieces because the animals were already killed years ago, and I am not supporting NEW fur coats and accessories. I feel as though it's better to wear the vintage fur, enjoy it, and know that in SOME small way that animal's death was not completely in vain, than to boycott it completely and truly have that animal's death have been for nothing. Whether you agree with me or not, that is MY stance on the matter. I am sorry for whomever I offend, but I love my VINTAGE furs, and will continue to wear them and honor the animals who gave their life for it.

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