Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Vintage Fun & Excitement (For Me, Anyway)!

Another great shopping day at the thrift store, at least if you were looking for vintage!

I found 4 dresses (one of which unfortunately doesn't quite fit, so I will have to do some creative altering if I want to wear it...I know, I know, ANOTHER sewing project to add to my list), and also helped my vintage buyer to purchase a 1960s/70s Lilli Ann nautical coat and matching sheath dress (it was too big for me or I would have snagged it), as well as a real python skin black purse! In some ways it's fun knowing another lovely lady who buys/sells vintage!

One of the dresses I purchased today (label reads "Miss Elliette") was in need of some serious TLC. The original zipper had been completely destroyed, so I had to carefully remove the old one and sew a new one in.

The good news is that thanks to my yard sale hopping, I have a grocery bag full of old metal zippers in assorted lengths and colors, so I already had one on hand that worked perfectly.

I may not be an expert seamstress, but putting in a new zipper isn't that difficult, especially now that I have finally discovered the zipper foot attachment to my sewing machine (oh, where have you been all of my life?!?!). This of course prompted the internal question of: How in the world did I sew in zippers all of these years WITHOUT it???

I received my 1940's "birthday hat" in the mail today! I have been drooling over it for months on Etsy, and finally scrounged together the funds to buy it. I'm a sucker for unique '40s hats.

My grandmother also gave me one of her house coats from the 1950's, which I managed to alter into an adorable dress. I'll get pictures of that soon, as well as the awesome "Square Dance" dress that I bought at the last yard sale for ~$1. It was HUGE (I looked like I was wearing a tent when I first tried it on), but after taking it in 6" on either side of the bodice, I managed to make it fit. Need to buy a large white belt for it though...

Speaking of dollar dresses from that last yard sale, I finally picked up this lovely ruched and bubbled 1950's prom dress from the dry cleaners. While the dress was beyond cheap, the dry cleaning bill was NOT. Talk about sticker shock: $28! OUCH! But the good news is that it's cleaned and pressed and (after I take it in a bit to fit me) ready to be worn.

So, for all of my lovely fellow gardeners who read this blog and wonder why, with spring here, am I not posting more plant-related materials? Well, we have had an abnormally cool, wet spring. Lots and lots and lots of "fun" frosts. My peas and favas germinated, and have just been sitting there, not knowing what to do with this crazy weather. The aphids are trying to take over my greenhouse (and my tomato starts), which always seems to happen about this time of year. So, in short, gardening right now is at a depressing stand still, while we all hold our breath and wait for truly warm temperatures. In the meantime, here is what a million tomato and pepper starts look like when they are crammed into a greenhouse. :)

But who can be depressed for long with so many tulips blooming in the front yard??:

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