Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Cleaning (& You're Never Too Old To Play "Dress Up!")

With warmer weather (and therefore tourist season) quickly approaching, I realized that it was time to clean out the guest bedroom closets! During the winter months, I tend to use them as excess craft/sewing projects storage. Unfortunately, I have fallen vastly behind in my projects (namely, altering and repairing vintage clothing), so I finally rounded everything up that I would not realistically be able to work on anytime soon, and sold it to a wonderful local buyer. She sells at various antique malls and on ebay, and I always give her a good price (and often buy other items from her!), so we have a great business relationship. I sold her a vintage clothing "lot" consisting of about 35 pieces of everything from formal dresses to crinolines. There were lucite shoes, mink & leather gloves, 1940's wedding veils, etc. So, while it was difficult for me to say goodbye, I ended up with a good amount of funds to put towards my birthday! My husband is taking 10 days off of work next month to celebrate my birthday, and I plan to have a large budget to go out and partake in an all day "birthday date" with him!

In other news, I went a yard sale the other day where I found numerous beautiful vintage formal dresses! I sold most to the vintage buyer, but kept a few for myself. Here is my favorite of the lot: a lemon yellow 1960's formal gown, with silver sequins and a gorgeous train. I feel like a Goddess in it! - VERY feminine piece.

In short, you are never too old to play dress up!

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