Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Completed Sewing Projects...

I had my grandmother babysit my mischievous little house kittens (yes, I have exchanged human babies for a multitude of furry and feathered ones!) today so that I could really sit down to some serious sewing. Kittens are, of course, hazardous to any projects involving string. The first project was altering an adorable little 1950's house coat that belonged to my grandmother. It was very large on me (I looked like I was wearing a tent!), but I took it in on the sides and put two darts in the back (to give it a bit of an empire-like waist), and now look how well it fits! I love the embroidered bees on either pocket!

Next (and the project that I am REALLY proud of due to the level of difficulty involved - not the least because the fabric is so slippery!), is the 1950s ballgown that I bought at the yard sale a few weekends ago. I think it was originally made for someone my size, and was then altered for the previous (larger) owner with matching fabric inserts in the shoulder straps and sides. A little ironic. Anywho, I didn't want to get too involved with cutting the fabric inserts out, so instead I opened up the back seams and "tucked" the inserts in, then stitched the seams closed again.


For the sides, I made matching darts, and even though they ended up being a little uneven from top-to-bottom, the "noise" of the skirt hides my mistakes well.

I really, really love this dress!

I think I may end up wearing it for the "Mad Hatter" tea party we're throwing soon (get it? I love hats - I'm the crazy hat lady! Har de har har har...). Now the only question is: What hat shall I wear with this...?

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