Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Twice the Squeaky Fun!


This morning, I received my long-awaited phone call from the Jacksonville Post Office: my 10 Indian Runner ducklings had arrived (I could even hear them squeaking in the background over the phone)! I was SO excited!

I was actually supposed to receive my ducklings last Wednesday, but when they arrived at the Post Office every single one was dead. I was incredibly heartbroken at the loss of life. Despite that horrible event, McMurray Hatchery sent me another shipment of ducklings this week, and all arrived alive and squeaky! I was very relieved!

We ordered 1 male and 9 female black Indian Runner ducklings. When they grow up they will be a beautiful black bird with green iridescent feathers. Right now, however, they are 10 tiny adorable black puffballs. I call them the Squeaks of Doom. They look like normal ducklings, but you can tell when they run that they are most definitely Runner Ducks! They all arrived wearing leg bands, which Ryan has promised to help me remove tonight (my vision is currently blurry from my eye exam so I'm unable to do it myself at the moment). They are SUCH cute little babies! I love their tiny wing "puffs" and their adorable squeaks, as well as the way they tilt their head up in profile to look at you...I have always loved ducks.

I just got back from having my eyes dilated for my annual eye exam, and I joked that when I left there were 10 ducklings, but when I came back, there were 20!

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