Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Early June & The First Seed Harvest!

The heirloom roses are currently in bloom here, and I love the beautiful colors and amazing fragrances of all of our varieties! This is one of my absolute FAVORITE times of year on the farm!

The calendula has begun flowering, and its blossoms are just begging to be dried and used in salves (I'm more than happy to oblige them).

I also finally got around to putting together a fresh herb order for a local restaurant. Now I just need to motivate myself to drive into town and deliver it!

The Valerian (or "Phu!" as it was called in Medieval times) has also started flowering, and its pungent fragrance can be smelled across the property. YUM!

Also of note: the first seed harvest is in! The kale finally finished producing seed pods, and now sits in my work room, waiting to be processed and cleaned. And so begins the HARVEST SEASON!

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