Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hello, Sunshine!

Summer is here, officially by date and by temperature! Yesterday's evening high was a horrific 103 degrees! ICK! The good news is that the tomatoes, peppers, corn, grapes, and beans have been rather happy with the warmer temps (though nobody loves anything past 90 degrees), and have shown their gratitude with massive growth spurts! I'm planning to hack back the grape vines tomorrow just so that they don't completely take over, and I have been trying to figure out creative ways to cage my remaining tomatoes. I was previously using old 6"x6" grid cattle fencing, rolling it into ~1.5 foot cylinders, and placing each one over a tomato plant. It was working WONDERFULLY! Until I ran out of fencing, that is. When I wandered over to my local Grange to see about purchasing more, they told me that it was only available in 330 foot rolls, and would cost a whopping $173! OUCH!! Looking on craigslist and other classified ads revealed that most other folks had similar ideas, and there was no suitable spare fencing to be found. Sad day in Tomato Land. So, I'm just going to be staking them up with very tall and sturdily-anchored stakes. When you have 150 tomato plants, you do whatever you have to. *grin*

And now, I leave you with some early morning pictures...

As you have probably been able to tell, I am endlessly fascinated by Borage flowers!

A rare Dinkelbuhne pole bean seedling rises up to greet the morning sun!

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