Sunday, June 12, 2011

Once Upon Time, There Was a Little Man Who Watched Over a Magical Garden...

The previous property owners (who I am sure you've heard us cursing over repeatedly throughout the years) did not apparently pay for trash service. Nor did they feel the need to drive out to the local dump. Instead, they deemed it permissible to dump their trash (note I say "dump" and not "bury") directly behind, and in some cases next to, the house. Over the years, some measure of soil did accumulate over everything (either that or they tried to hide the evidence in order to sell the house), until a few months after we purchased it. Then we began noticing empty bottles of dish soap, asthma respirators, old cans, blankets, bits of steel, nails, etc., popping up all over the place! In the 4 years that we have lived on this property, we have managed to clean up a good portion of the mess. However, the other day, while walking on the outskirts of my Herb Garden, Ryan noticed a little surprise. Uncovered by erosion, there lay a little lost lego man. Now, both my husband and I have a soft spot for legos, and we decided that this little guy needed a proper home. So, we set him on top of Jugi's grave stone, to watch over the Herb Garden.

Think of him as a little plastic garden fairy!

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