Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yard Sale-ing

On the way to the birthday bash last Sunday, we randomly stopped at a yard sale in Talent. In a box of old music books (of which I had no interest), there lay a 1937 copy of American Home magazine. Interesting read, though perhaps not as much as the LIFE mags I scored previously. But it IS a fascinating look at American home decorating trends in the late 30's, as well as what "phobias" were being fed to the general public (in this case, I have noticed that the late 30's were the era of "Halitosis Fear" - EVERY magazine I come across has ad after ad toting products sure to eliminate the bad breath running rampant across the country!!). I think my favorite part of the magazine was the car advertisement on the back cover:

"But officer - when I told you I was just going to get a hat pretty enough for my new Ford, you said yourself THAT wouldn't be easy!"

I also finally got up the courage to alter that $5 vintage wedding dress I bought at a yard sale earlier this month. It seemed almost sacrilegious to alter a wedding dress...but the length was too long and awkward for me to wear it out and about. Originally, I was just going to shorten the hemline to about mid-calf length or so, but the skirt was so full that it looked rather odd at that length. Therefore, I took the hem up even more, and here's the result!



I actually rather like it at this length...

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