Friday, June 17, 2011

A Farm Wife is A Farm Wife

And for today's guest check-in, we are channeling "Depression-Era Farm Wife" (something that seems rather fitting some days). You see, it's not so much that I was born in the wrong era, as I am simply recreating my own version of it!

The more I look at this dress, the more I am convinced in my heart of hearts that it IS a legit late-30's/early 40's vintage feed sack dress!!

I have been in LOVE with the 1600 or so photos released by the Library of Congress documenting the effects of the Depression - WWII on rural life across America. You can check out the (COLOR!) photos here on Flickr.

Take a look at the examples of some of the 1939-1940 women's dresses - especially this one here and here and here! - and you will (I hope) also conclude that I am correct in my surmise of the date and authenticity of my own dress (shown above).

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