Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Broke the Bank...

So...I kind of broke the bank a bit...well, actually I broke my savings account...

And all I have to say is....

It was totally worth it!

So, yesterday, I purchased the most lovely (and perfect for moi!) start-up millinery kit composed of entirely vintage supplies! It was a little expensive (*she says in a guilty but excited tone*), but not when you began to add up everything that was included in the price. Not to mention the fact that I can't resist feathers in volume!


The hat-making "kit" originally belonged to a woman who was a milliner in the 1950s. That aspect really appealed to me - I liked the history as well as the ability to purchase someone's beloved collection (as opposed to a piece-meal set of millinery tools). Anywho, the "kit's" purchase price included two balsa wood hat blocks (23" size - which I realize is an inch larger than my own hat size, but I have been told by several milliners that you always want a hat block slightly larger than your actual head size) with spinners, a metal hat stand, 2+ full rolls of millinery wire in black and white, netting/mesh, a millinery diagram, and LOADS and LOADS of vintage feathers imported from France (some still in their original metal shipping case)! Like I said, I couldn't resist, especially as everything is in really good condition. So, I'll be paying back my savings account for the next 2+ months. Oh well!

Oh, the other thing I bought was a collection of vintage millinery faux bird decorations. My offer was accepted by the seller (they started out asking $85+shipping for the lot, and I got them down to $40). I L-O-V-E the cool double-wing birdie! The $40 was worth it for that one alone! I am attaching the seller's photo of the decorations. I had been trying - very unsuccessfully - to bid on the few cool faux birdie decorations I saw for auction on Ebay. The problem is that not only are these things very rare, but it's a highly collective item so competition is fierce and prices are HIGH! I feel as though I got a really good deal on this lot, and there are some very unique pieces that I am looking forward to incorporating into future hats!

I can't wait for everything to arrive so that I can start to play!

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