Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Roaring Twenties Revisited!

Here are some better pictures of that FABULOUS flapper dress I purchased yesterday!

This delicate sleeveless dress has a built-in slip, and attached drop-waist "belt" that ties at the side, and is decorated at the ends with beadwork. Over the dress is worn a sheer, intricately (hand) beaded tank top.

Here is the dress without the "tank top" blouse:




Here is the full ensemble!:

As you can see, one side of the top has a hole in the center. Part of me wonders if the previous owner was wearing one of the long necklaces popular during the 20s, and perhaps the necklace snagged on the fabric?

The drop-waist belt ties at the side (and is attached to the dress in the back), and is embellished with matching beadwork:

Conditionally, the dress is wearable (with CARE!), but has numerous small holes and tears - mainly in the sheer top. The actual dress itself has a few minor pin/moth holes, as well as some seam separation along the waist, and one small tear in the tie belt. The top has the previously-mentioned center hole, and a tear under each armpit.

Some of the beadwork has also come undone, but is hardly noticeable. Here is a close-up:

There is also some very minor light-hued staining along the waist and the tie of the dress, but this too is hardly noticeable.

Long story short: this is an amazing flapper evening dress! Worn carefully, I believe it has many more nights of partying left. Now comes the incredibly difficult question: do I keep it for myself, or sell it in the Etsy store?...

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