Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Latest Sewing Projects

Well, we woke up to 2 inches of snow on the ground this morning, and it's still snowing hard. Not the insanely heavy snow fall that was originally predicted, but then again, the day isn't over yet either.

Snow days are the best days for staying inside in front of the fire and either reading or working on sewing projects. I am choosing to do the latter today! Here are my two latest sewing projects:

I am making another dress using the same pattern that I created the cool black & white checkerboard dress with! This time, I scored some gorgeous watercolor print fabric and black piping for around the collar and sleeves. It's going to be a very lovely dress when I'm finished...

Next, after MUCH searching, I found the pattern to make a nearly identical dress to the one FabGabs is currently selling (which is GORGEOUS but so unbelievably out of my price range!). Since I could not afford to buy her beautiful dress, I decided I could make my own. You can view the FabGabs dress here, and compare it with my pattern below! The most difficult part of the entire project has been finding a reasonably-priced gold fabric that I actually like. I'm still searching...Option B is to make it out of an emerald green taffeta with a gold lining for the overskirt - what do you think?

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