Monday, August 06, 2012

"A Little Birdie told me..."

FINALLY getting around to posting pictures of my latest vintage hat!  I adore it, even though the poor thing was a little worse for wear (aren't we all at that age?).  Surprisingly, the feathers were actually all intact, but the bird needed reattaching, and the veil was completely shot.  I had to remove it, with the exception of a tiny portion by the top middle of the bird, where the felt had actually been slit and the veil threaded through.  This I left, fearing to tear the felt if I removed any of the veil around it.  Plus, I'm not big on wearing veils (with the exception of a few choice hats).  It always leads to extra special questions such as, "Can you actually see through that?!"

The hat is constructed of brown felt, with a tall, forward-tilting, flat-topped crown, and a band of felt to hold it onto the back of the head.

The hat also came with an insanely large hat pin in it!

The hat's full label reads: "An Original Studio Styles by Warner Bros. Designing Staff Hollywood"

I feel that I should name it after some cartoon character or something?  Any ideas?

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