Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Breakfast

Today's Breakfast: fresh sourdough rolls hot out of the oven, with choice of butter, blackberry-basil, peach-rosemary, or strawberry-tarragon jam (made with locally grown ingredients!); farm fresh scrambled eggs with brown butter-fried sage & chives; maple-ginger waffles with yellow dock seed flour, & topped with fresh blackberries (picked by yours truly!).

Definitely our best batch of waffles yet!: Maple-Ginger Waffles made with our own wild yellow dock seed flour (sustainably harvested from our own pastures, and painstakingly-cleaned by yours truly) and apple cider from our own trees! To top everything off, we poured a generous handful of freshly-picked local blackberries to add a hint of sweetness to balance out and compliment the buckwheat flavor of the yellow dock. Finally, the waffles are decorated with a fig off our one of our trees, quartered, and crowned with an evening primrose blossom!

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