Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mid-Week Thrifting!

Oh, how I do love the late summer/early fall thrifting season.  I pretty much think that this is the most wonderful time of the year!  I found two lovely vintage hats - one an adorable yellow rose cocktail hat, the other a black straw from the 1940s.  

I also picked up an adorable 1950s cotton dress!  

Unfortunately, the dress had been abused at some point, and had two enormous tears in the back.  One had been decently patched, the other (the larger of the two) had just been left.  The tear was too big to dart without it looking odd, so I closed it up with some matching thread, and used an iron-on interfacing for the other side.  Now, good as new!  

My final score was a gorgeous 1950s grey fox fur wrap by Michael Henri.  

The fur is in pristine condition, with no tears or shedding, and it is so luxuriously soft!  It was originally priced at $30, but since I happened to be with my grandmother that day, I was able to get the 20% senior discount.  Yay!

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