Monday, June 04, 2012

Baby Doll Bird

Yesterday, I finished my thrifted-Stetson-turned-tilt-hat hat!  A while back, my fabulous Fairy Hat Mother sent me a lovely care package consisting of several felt hats she had found at the thrift store.  One of which was a higher-end Pendleton's wool felt Stetson.  I had been saving this hat until last, since it was the nicest felt out of the bunch and I wanted to make an extra special hat with it.  Many many months ago, I purchased a vintage faux bird millinery decoration off of Ebay for $3.99+$1 shipping (bless the occasional Ebay deals!).  I had been saving this decoration until I found or made the perfect hat, and this little toy tilt hat was IT!  

I shaped the crown over an over-turned terra cotta plant pot, and cut the base at a slant so that it would tilt forward.  For the brim, I slashed the Stetson's brim (which was too big and too wide for a tilt) at an angle at either end (about halfway around), and cut off the excess.  Then, I overlapped the angled edges in back and stitched them together.  Once they were secure, I strategically cut the excess (which was bulky) until the pieces fit together like a jigsaw piece (a little Fabric-Tac helped secure the edges too).  Then, I cut notches in the brim so that it would curve up a bit better towards the crown.  Finally, I set the crown over it, and stitched the two pieces together!  Then I decorated with ribbon and birdie!





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