Friday, June 08, 2012

Inside-Out Fedora

I found a hideous blue hat at the thrift store the other day for $3.99, and commandeered its felt (which was a high quality wool felt)!  I was trying to replicate this awesome 1940s fedora that sold on Etsy - the first hat I have ever seen with the brim going OVER the crown (though, from a logistic/construction standpoint, I can see why they did it):

Here is my version of it...I didn't have a decent hat block to make that lovely fedora crown (and couldn't find anything quite right to use around the house (grrrr!)), so I did the best I could with the flower pots at hand.  I know it's not perfect, but for for a first version I think I did well enough!  :)

This weekend is my 6-year wedding anniversary, so Ryan and I are hightailing it out of town for a little hiking, fishing, and general R&R.  I'm so excited!!!  Our first getaway in two years!!  Some friends of ours have agreed to farm sit, so we can spend the weekend playing.  YAY!  Think "big, tasty fish" thoughts for us.  I would LOVE to get a steelhead and smoke that in our BBQ/smoker at home!

Til next week!...

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