Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Just Can't Do This Monogamy Thing...

 But Frankie, I will ALWAYS come back to you, Baby!

My other birthday-gift-to-myself Frank Palma Original hat!  Sorry it has taken so long to post pictures of all of these amazing hats...when summer hits, life gets crazy around here!

This is probably one of the wildest hats I own (I love it!).  It's also one of the tallest, which is why it was difficult to get a picture of it on my own.  I may have to recruit my husband at a later date to snap some better pictures, but for now, here ya go!

This particular Frank Palma is an open-crown black felt tilt hat.  The crown sides are decorated with black ostrich feathers, and there is one large curled ostrich feather that hangs over the side (I had to reattach this with a few well-placed stitches when I received the hat, as it had fallen off).  In front (visible in the picture above) there are two tan-colored faux birdies peeking out!

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