Monday, June 04, 2012

Feeling Grousy

Yesterday dawned somewhat overcast and cooler - perfect for hiking! 

Unfortunately, we did not have the energy for another Collings Mountain or Steine Butte trails, but we decided to do the quick but lovely Grouse Loop Trail.  At 9 am, we drove out to Applegate Lake and parked our car by the Collings Mountain trailhead (Grouse Loop is located near by, but the parking is better here).  The Grouse Loop Trail is a 2.8 mile loop (take the left fork first for easier traveling) with a mere 700' elevation gain.  In short, a lovely hour's walk on a Sunday morning - easy enough not to tire, but with adequate elevation gain to get your heart rate going to the point where it feels like healthful exercise.  

A view of Hart-Tish Park from the trail...


Towards the end of the trail, there are some very pretty views of Applegate Lake!

And the best news of all?: I only saw three ticks - none of which came home on me!

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