Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wine for a Date

I have been complaining to Ryan that we have not gone on an actual "date" in a while (and the previous weekend getaway trip doesn't count!).  We are both firm believers that you should continue to date your spouse after marriage, and we have also found that if we do not make time to go out regularly on dates, our relationship suffers.  Like everything else, relationships take a little work!  *grin*

There has recently opened up a lovely new vineyard/cafe just outside of Jacksonville called "DANCIN."  There, you can drink a glass of their lovely Pinot Noir while munching on pizza (or other goodies) fresh from their kitchen!  There is a picturesque koi pond that you can sit next to outside, and enjoy the beautiful views of the valley and mountains beyond!  

This sounded like the perfect place for a date!  So, we wandered over there yesterday afternoon, did a little wine tasting, ordered a pizza, and then bought a bottle of Malbec and relocated to the outdoor patio.  A mutual friend of ours joined us in our drinking, and the pictures are all taken by/courtesy of her (thank you, Lady H!).  We - in typical fashion - brought our camera and then forgot to use it.

DANCIN is a fabulous vineyard, and I am excited to see how they and their wines develop over time.  For more information, you can visit their website:

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