Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Attack of the Bird (Hat)!

I have had this amazing vintage faux bird in my possession for about a year, and have been waiting for just the right hat to decorate it with!  Well, last week I finally designed something that even Hattie Carnegie would approve of (have you seen some of those vintage faux bird hats?!  WOWSA!):

This hat is simply exquisite! Over-the-top, absolutely unique, and stylishly true to its vintage roots! Vintage faux birds of this age are getting harder and harder to find, and this is only one of two that I have ever seen in this pose, and with such attention to detail! 

This vibrant green bird swoops down the front of the hat, with a spray of iridescent rooster tail feathers curling up and over the crown. The hat body is constructed of a black 100% wool felt, and is composed of two separate pieces. The brim is slightly down-turned to point towards the face in the front. There is a band if vintage navy blue velvet ribbon encircling the crown, as well as a band of metallic gold sequined braid.


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