Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Road to Professional...Milliner?

You may have noticed in my last post that - at the very bottom - I mentioned the words "NEW Etsy store."  Well, I have been told by certain kind folks that it was high time I stopped making hats as a hobby and started making them as a profession.  My husband always told me that my hats were amazing and very well-made, but he's biased, so I never believed him!  *laughing*  I suppose I simply assumed that my hats were never good enough for others to want to buy.  After all, I have never taken a single millinery course.  What I have learned was through observing the construction of my many, many vintage hats; what I have read in antique millinery books; and what I learned in my 4-day-long crash course with my millinery guru last March.  This being said, people whose opinion I greatly respect have told me my hats are good enough to be sold.  And be sold at professional milliner prices (I'm still selling them at the lower level of that spectrum for now...just because I still can't quite believe ti!).  Anywho, the lovely gang at FabGabs Vintage took up some of my ready-made hats to Portland and had them professionally photographed by EB Photography (with the lovely Solanah of Vixen Vintage modeling).  Here are the absolutely amazing results!:

FabGabs did a teaser promo for my hats on their fan page, and it was just crazy to log into my Facebook account and suddenly see images of my hats!  I did a double-take!  I just could not believe that these were MY hats!

You can find these hats and more in my new Etsy store devoted entirely to my millinery creations!

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