Thursday, September 13, 2012

Date Night Outfit!

Today I finished constructing what may very well be my (new) favorite hat!  

The latest in funky tilt toppers (sorry, everybody, this one is not for sale!)!! I blocked the black felt body over a hat block that was lovingly made by my husband, then gathered the crown to create that fun, tall, tilt. 

Vintage red velvet ribbon encircles the crown, with a black velvet over-bow in back. The bird (complete with vintage rhinestone eyes) was constructed using a cluster of vintage rooster tail feathers (part of a box of vintage millinery decorations given to me last weekend).

After studying many, MANY vintage faux birds, I am finally figuring out how the old milliners did it (and getting pretty darn good at replicating them, if I do say so myself!). The hat was made to match this lovely dress from FabGabs vintage. This is going to be my Friday night date outfit!  Ryan is taking me out for cocktails and cigars on the patio at Porter's.  I'm so excited!

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