Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Rub My Feet & Call Me "Bunny!"

My thrifting mojo was in FULL SWING today!  I scored some fab items - it was so nice, after an entire summer of nothing (with the exception of that amazing monkey fur coat!).



For $2.99, I picked up this gorgeous vintage 1930s wide-brimmed "Clifford Dale Original" hat with roses and a velvet bow.  Perfect color for my light skin and red hair!  The crown and flowers need reshaping (they are a little flat), but that is easy to do with some balled up newspaper and a tea kettle.

For $16, I scored this fun 'n' funky 1940s vintage coat!  This particular big, boxy style of coat with those classic padded shoulders is referred to as a "chubby" jacket.  The 1980s tried to copy the 1940s in this respect, but just didn't quite make the cut (har de har har).  Anywho, the coat is definitely a little beat up, but nothing I can't fix, namely: two small tears, and I need to reattach the lining to a section of the bottom of the coat and the pocket.

Finally, some funky vintage ties for Ryan!

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