Monday, March 11, 2013

A Fabulous Weekend!

For pretty much the first time since 2013 began, Ryan and I managed to have a completely fun and stress-free weekend!  It was like a miracle on the farm...

We managed to be both insanely productive on our farm/garden To-Do List, yet at the same time make sure to have lots of "us" time and mini-dates.  This is a great deal more difficult than you'd think!  One of the hardest parts about being 20-something and running a full-time farm & home business is that it is incredibly difficult to find a way to balance work and pleasure.  There are months (especially in the spring, summer, and fall) where all we seem to do is work-Work-WORK, and never manage to find much time to enjoy being young and in love.  We are constantly attempting to strike a balance, and this weekend we succeeded rather spectacularly!

On Saturday, we went out on a coffee date to our favorite coffee shop - the Goodbean, in Jacksonville.  Then, my dear and patient husband let me drag him around town to all of the major thrift stores in my hunt for vintage scores.  We headed back home, changed into our grungies, and spent a few hours working on the farm, garden, or in the workshop.  Then, we did evening chores, and got changed for a fabulous night out at the Peerless Restaurant & Bar in Ashland!  I wore my "signature" look: a breathtakingly lovely 1930s black rayon crepe dress with gold sequins and peplum detail, my favorite pair of 1930s black leather heels ($28 at a local antiques store), 1960s silver fox fur convertible coat/cape by "Joseph Magnin" (gift from my grandmother), and my favorite "Jillian Garrett Original" green faux bird tilt hat.

Unfortunately, getting home late and then having to set all of our clocks forward for Daylight Savings made Sunday morning a little brutal, but we got through it!  Ryan and Grandpa did some tractor work - refilling the raised beds with fresh compost, putting the remaining finished compost on the garden, etc.  I thinned and replanted the walking onion bed, replanted my pea bed (the raccoons dug up and ate my previous planting) and covered it with chicken wire, planted more tulip bulbs, pruned the final raspberries, and rejoiced over the fact that my turnips and arugula seeds were germinating in the raised beds!

A little after the noon hour, we stopped work for the day, got cleaned up, and headed into town.  Since it was so pleasantly (and might I say unseasonably) warm out, I decided to get dressed up in my favorite red cotton vintage 1950s dress.  I also wore a necklace and earrings set that I had made myself out of vintage plastic fruit/leaf beads that I got at the thrift store for a $1 for all of them.

We hit one of the local antiques store, where I found the most wonderful 1940s straw tilt hat with crazy leatherwork detailing by "Gimbel Brothers" for $15, along with a 1940s green wool uniform (which I am told may be an old Girl Scouts uniform) for a grand total of $8.  The uniform and hat matched perfectly, so I was pretty pleased to have found an entire outfit for under $30!

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