Sunday, March 24, 2013

Antique Store Scores!

There hasn't been anything in the way of decent thrifting/estate sale scores lately, but I did manage to come across some really fabulous finds at a local antiques store earlier this week...

A vintage 1940s/1950s juniors grey wool suit by "Burelsons" of Medford, Oregon.  I love the detailing on the pockets, and the way that the skirt flares out.  The lining of the jacket is black and white polka dots - how much more awesome can you get?!  

This suit fits me perfectly, and is so comfortable that I think I could pretty much live in it...

I'm wearing another awesome find (from that same store) on the jacket - a Juliana pink rhinestone brooch!  When I was standing at the cash register paying for my suit, I looked over and saw the most gorgeous pink rhinestone necklace-earrings-brooch set.  I knew from the moment I saw it that it had to be a Juliana, and this suspicion was confirmed after checking my reference book.  

The even better news?: I paid a mere $49 for the entire set!

This is another dress that I got from that same store (can you tell this was a very good day?!), and I am absolutely in love with the gorgeous coloring!  1950s cotton day dress with pretty sleeve detailing and matching belt...

I feel that I should be holding a cocktail in this!

And finally, I just had to share some more pictures of my amazing late-1940s kitty fur coat!  This coat fits me perfectly (which is hard to do, as I am so tiny, and most of the vintage fur coats you find for sale are so huge that I end up swimming in them).  

I'm not certain the fur type - it's not Geoffrey Cat, but I don't think it's Ocelot.  I don't know, but I do know that I adore it!  It's a bit worse for wear than I would have liked (repaired tears, some new tears, lots of worn spots), but in a way that makes me more comfortable about wearing it out and about - I don't have to worry about damaging a pristine coat!  This coat has been loved and lived in, and will continue to be so under my ownership.  

The hat I'm wearing is the first Frank Palma (Original) hat that I ever purchased - the one that began my life-long love affair with this milliner's designs.  I dubbed this hat "Frankie" in honor of the elusive Frank Palma.

I'm a ferocious cat woman!

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