Monday, March 04, 2013

Latest Custom Creation!

(Hopefully my client won't mind if I post a few sneak photos of the AMAZING hat I just finished creating!) 

It's my interpretation of a hat I saw in a 1945 McCall's Magazine - I believe the style was termed "extreme breton."  The original hat was made using Lady Amherst center tail feathers.  However, these are large and incredibly expensive feathers, so when I made my version I used the smaller, more economical Ringneck tail feathers.  I made the original version in navy blue, and that is what is pictured in my Etsy store listing for the hat.  

However, you can order it made in a range of colors, and this particular client (who, may I just say here, has some of the best taste in color pairings!) wanted the hat made in red.  

When I put on the finished product, I couldn't believe how absolutely incredible the hat looked!  It is even more head-turning than the original (navy) one, and looks just stellar with red lips and a subdued dress.  


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