Monday, March 04, 2013

Pruning's the Word!

February and March always mean one thing on a farm: PRUNING!  This is the time when everything gets hacked back into submission - grapes, roses, fruit trees, raspberries, herbs, etc.  Just this past weekend, I finally finished pruning all of the roses.  The previous weekend, Ryan pruned all of our fruit trees.  I'm now working on cutting back the perennials, weeding the herb garden, and just generally trying to get everything ready for spring and the opening up of the B&B at the end of this month (yikes!).  My To-Do list is rather intimidating...and since this is the first major outdoor work any of us have done since winter began, there is the normal amount of very sore muscles, and just general exhaustion.  On the bright side, I've been sleeping like a baby at night!

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