Saturday, March 23, 2013

You've Got Mail!

Talk about one of the best mail days EVER: After running errands in town, I came back home and found this lovely pile of packages in front of my door...

The little box contained a fabulously-wild vintage felt tilt hat with multiple pink faux birdies and a vintage veil!  This hat operates under my personal philosophy of "the more birds, the better."  I had to do a massive repair job on the birds using glue, but the hat is now fixed and looks wonderful!

The larger package contained my early-birthday-present-to-myself vintage late-1940s kitty coat!  It's in a bit rougher shape than I would have liked (lots of small tears and worn spots), but it fits me perfectly and I love the style!  I have always wanted to own a vintage kitty coat, and while I cherish my cape, it's too light to wear on chilly winter evenings.  Now I can choose between a cape and a coat!

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