Saturday, July 02, 2011

Lucky #5

Meet Lucky the Rooster - the fifth rooster to have this name. Lucky was our free rare chick when we placed our poultry order earlier this year, and he is one handsome chicken! As far as we can tell, he is a Single Comb Brown Leghorn.

I really like this batch of chickens! We have some truly fascinating varieties, such as a
Salmon Faverolle we have named "Wolverine" (as in X-men, because of her "side burn" feathers), two W.C. Black Polish hens we have dubbed "Doc" and "Mrs. Doc" (think "Back to the Future"), several fabulously speckled black and white birds of a variety known as Silver Spangled Hamburgs, and a Mottled Houndan named "Jimmy Hendrix." Of course, there are many other fascinating chickens in this latest batch, but those are some of our favorites.

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