Monday, July 25, 2011

An Original Me (By Maurer)

Today I had my first good thrift store score in a looooooong time! For $15 (I talked them down from $20) I bought a 1960s wedding dress. The label reads "Maurer Original." It has a gorgeously beaded lace bodice with handmade cutouts on the sleeves, empire waist, short train, and back metal zipper with mock buttons.

You may think I'm crazy for constantly buying vintage wedding dresses, but it makes me sad that people wear them once and then store them forever after (or simply get rid of them!). Since when did white dresses mean "wedding ONLY"?!? I like being different, so I enjoy remaking vintage wedding dresses into slightly more wearable versions. For this particular dress, I will remove the train (which makes me sad, because it's SO pretty!) and take the entire hemline up a bit to fit my much shorter frame. I am going to keep the dress long so that it flows the way it was meant to though. The lines of the dress are so simple and elegant that I can't see any reason (once I make my alterations) for not wearing it out and about!

For $15 and a few hours of alteration work, I bought myself a wonderful, WEARABLE dress that would have cost me $250 if I were to purchase it on Etsy or Ebay! YAY for me!!!

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Brynna said...

wow! this is beautiful! i can't believe you got this for only $15!! insane! that's a lovely idea to turn a wedding dress into something more practical for more frequent wear. good luck!!