Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Romantic Surprise Dinner for Ryan!

Last Friday, I surprised my husband with a romantic dinner for two at home.

I brought out the 2nd best china, made creamy pesto pasta with sauteed baby zucchini, and chilled zucchini soup. I even sliced up the homemade sourdough loaf so that we could have our pre-dinner bread & butter appetizer!

And of course there was water with decorative borage ice cubes!

I made the pesto sauce using assorted basils from our garden, as well as heirloom garlic, walnuts, parmesan, and cream. The chilled zucchini soup (an excellent and refreshing way to use up spare zucchini in summer!) is made using zucchini, onions, water, basil, and thyme, and garnished with purslane leaves (also collected from the garden).

I even dressed up for the occasion!

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LRH said...

mmmmm, homemade bread!