Friday, October 28, 2011

Friends From Afar

It always amazes me how you can have such kind friends, even ones that live far away. Yesterday, I received the most enormous care package from one such friend, and it was like Christmas in October when I opened the box! Shiny jewelry, old bottles, vintage hats and gloves, and more! The two most amazing gifts were a beautiful brocade dressing gown with padded shoulders, and (drum roll, please) the most AMAZING embroidered kimono (with long, trailing sleeves) I have ever SEEN!

The poor kimono needs a great deal of work - most of the embroidery is accounted for but hanging loose,

there is a large vertical tear in the bottom,

the robe was covered with numerous gold star stickers that - when peeled off after soaking - took some of the fabric off with them, etc. So, the robe is totally salvageable, but will most definitely be a project! That being said, it's absolutely worth it in my mind to get it back into wearable condition. I think the photos below will show you why...

I took these before doing any cleaning to the robe. Currently, it's drying on towels near the wood stove fire after having been gently handwashed. I will press the wrinkles out later today, and start on the repair work this weekend.

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