Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday Luck - It Must Be Genetic

Poor Grandpa has had the most horrid birthday luck this year! We had promised to take him on the trolley tour that goes around downtown Jacksonville this weekend, and then out to lunch at the local German restaurant. Well, we got all dressed up and headed out the door about 10 am this morning. We arrived in Jacksonville early, walked around a bit, and then wandered over to the trolley's pick-up location. Unfortunately, there was a sign there saying that the trolley wasn't running today. We called the information number to verify. Sigh. So then we wandered over to the German restaurant, which was apparently closed for the day, even though there was an Oktoberfest celebration going on next to it. ACK! We tried to do a few more things, but everything just seemed to be a bust. So, finally, we packed back into the car and headed home. Poor Gramps! We are going to try again next weekend, hopefully with better results!

The weather tomorrow is supposed to be cool and rainy (Hello, Fall!), so I have plans for turkey noodle soup and a good book! Hard to believe next Saturday is the first of October already!!!

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