Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome to the Duck Hut

Every morning I nearly fall flat on my face in the slick crud floor of the Duck Hut, and every morning it's absolutely worth it. Today, there were nine eggs waiting for me: two randomly in the middle of the hut, and the rest in the "community nest" at the northwest corner. Good Job, Girls!!

Our ducks are phenomenal layers, so much so that it makes me want to trade in my flock of chickens for more ducks! Ducks are sweet, goofy, flightless (in the case of my Indian Runners, anyway), and not prone to the pecking/egg cannibalism qualities that chickens can be. Not to mention that duck eggs taste delicious, and are fabulous for baking!

One of the eggs I collected this morning was twice the size of the other eggs. I am convinced it's a double yolk...Omelet, anyone?

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