Thursday, September 22, 2011

Egg Money Madness

So, bitch and you shall receive!

After my previous complaint that no one wanted to buy eggs, all of a sudden I had orders for 6 dozen assorted chicken and duck eggs today! YAY for fridge space again (at least for a day or two)!!! I had to drive into Medford to deliver the eggs, so
of course I stopped off for a quick look at the thrifty. Gotta feed the addiction, right? Anywho, what lovely treasure should I find today but a BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful vintage fur coat! Talk about meant to be: I had made $19 in egg sales. What was the price of the fur coat? Why, $19 of course!!!

It's in amazing shape - the pelts are still soft and supple with no discernible shedding! The full-length coat is quite obviously high-end and very well-made, with a double lining and deep front pockets lined in soft suede. The only problems with it were four 6-8" long tears in the seams between the pelts on both arms (2 tears per arm - one is visible in the pictures). This is an ok defect because the actual FUR is not ripped. Therefore, my grandmother and I spent the afternoon carefully stitching up the tears. We draped the fur coat over a chair, and each of us pulled up a seat, took an arm, and began sewing. Voila! Good as new! The fur has me a bit stumped - it's too long for mink, and the white spots scattered throughout are startling and gorgeous. I plan to do some more research on it.

Anywho, forgive the poor pictures, but I was just SO excited to share my find! I'll get some better ones another day, but here is a glimpse. The large back collar can be worn either down or flipped up. Haven't figured out a time period on the coat yet. Doesn't seem to have the large Joan Crawford shoulders though...

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