Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eggs, Anyone?

Despite it being so late in the season, my flock of chickens and ducks are laying eggs like crazy! I'm currently collecting 6-8 eggs a day from the chicken coop, and 4-6 eggs from the duck hut. You do the math - that's a lot of eggs per week! What's strange is that no one seems to want to buy any right now...? It's not as though I have raised my prices (in fact, we are cheaper than many surrounding sellers), but folks just don't seem interested? I don't get it! So anyhow, looks like I need to make egg salad soon...about 7 dozen eggs worth of egg salad! *laughing* And make a great deal of cakes, cookies, and egg noodle batches I suppose. The good news is that I really don't hear Ryan complaining about it. *grin*

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