Friday, September 02, 2011


Well of course I am talking about a hat.


This little vintage gem comes to us from TAYLOR'S on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. Birth date unknown, though most likely 1930s-1940s. She's a pretty wee thing, part pheasant feathers (in the long, trailing tail, and iridescent band of reddish-brown feathers at the collar), and part...who knows what! Haven't decided on a name for her yet...

The hat is constructed like a cross between a fascinator and tilt style. Very interesting, though also very simple. The base is covered in short white feathers with a bit of netting, and then there is a fake bird resting on top.


RIGHT SIDEAnd for further amusement:

The camera's auto timer has perfectly captured my priceless expression when I was in the middle of this photo shoot in front of the house, and my B&B guests pulled in a half hour early. A truly Kodak Moment captured and placed here for your amused viewing pleasure. (Don't worry, I can make anything work, even this outfit for a check-in! But talk about feeling as though you'd been caught with your pants down!!).

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