Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shuffling My Life Around...

We have been doing some rearranging of rooms & furniture here at the B&B. I say "we," but really it was just me working like a mad woman yesterday. I managed everything pretty well, though moving the large antique writing desk was a true test of my arm power (and also how I managed to pull a muscle in BOTH arms!).

We are turning the upstairs library into a private craft room (aka "The Hat Box"), so therefore all of the library furniture had to find a new home elsewhere in the house. Still, it's surprising how adding MORE furniture in the right areas can actually make a room feel BIGGER!

We still have to rearrange/realign the paintings, but this gives you an idea...(please excuse the mess from moving)



I finally found somewhere to show off one of my antique treadle sewing machines! YAY!

Jugi approves of the new arrangement...as long as I pet him...

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