Monday, October 03, 2011

Why I Need Supervision at Collectibles Sales

Last Sunday was the annual "Collectibles Sales" at one of the local thrift stores, the purpose of which was to raise money for school supplies for children in need (I can shop for that!!). Now, these weren't "thrift store prices" on their antique/vintage "collectible" items, but they were slightly below retail on certain things (as you shall see later...and I think you'll be glad you waited!). Basically, throughout the entire year, the volunteers at this thrift store sort through donations and separate out any antique or really nice vintage items and set these aside. Then, they bring them out for one day only on their annual sale. This was the first year that I went to said sale, and I think next year I will be bringing several hundred dollars with me next time! WOW! (It was so good, I actually ran through the store, gently but firmly shoving people out of my way on the path to the vintage hat racks. That's right: I'm a small but mighty girl! Don't come between me and my hats! GRRRR!!) There were tables upon tables, as far as the eye could see, of all sorts of antiques! I was in HOG HEAVEN! If I had brought more money I would have bought out the entire vintage section! As it was, I spent waaaaaaay more than I meant to, but came away with some absolutely amazing scores!

So, as I have been heckled to death about starting my own Etsy store with some of the great vintage finds I always manage to score, I purchased a few items with the intention of reselling them.

The first of the eventual resale items is a 1970s bright reddish-orange fedora with long pheasant feather decoration. SO fun and funky!

The next resale item is a truly unique 1950s cocktail hat - I have never seen anything like it as far as decorations! It's your basic brown cocktail hat in form, but it is decorated with leaf/flower designs made up of wicker(?) strands, beads, and rhinestones.

I've taken some close-ups of the beadwork. No label on the hat, but is very clearly well-made.

OK, that's a brief preview of the eventual resale items (there are more, but not from the Collectibles Sale).

Next, I found the most breathtakingly beautiful emerald green wool coat with (rabbit?) fur trimmings! I don't think it's very old, but it's SO pretty (and I am such a sucker for emerald green) that I had to come home with it. The lining below one arm has separated from the seam and needs restitching, and overall it could use a trip to the dry cleaner, but is in otherwise great condition!

With the coat, I am wearing one of the hats I bought at the sale: only the THIRD example of felt sparrows I have ever seen (I own two, and the third is worn by Rosalind Russell in "The Women"). The hat needs a gentle cleaning, but is otherwise is great shape and soooooooo adorable.

For $5, I purchased the most intricately beautiful crocheted gloves. The attention to detail is just beyond the compression of today's mass-produced society!!

I also found a 1940s box purse for $8. I had been eying a similar one on Etsy, with the much higher price tag of $80. Therefore, when I saw this little beauty at the sale, I snapped it right up!

A $5 funky vintage belt constructed of geometric designs made up of beads and shells. VERY unique and cool! The front has beaded dangles, and the belt closes with two metal hooks located on the underside of one end.

I found the MOST ADORABLE 1930s rattan hat with a pink flower decoration! It ties under the chin with a navy ribbon, and I think may be the cutest little thing I have ever seen (short of myself!).

A $9 hand-beaded/sequined 1950s cardigan with pearl buttons. Very pretty and shiny!

Goes well with the $24 yellow chiffon 1950s dress that Ryan bought me - the most expensive article of clothing I have ever purchased from a thrift store!

However, it was SO beautiful that I had to have it, and Ryan was sweet enough to buy it for me (what a guy!). The dress is decorated with yellow felt fall leaves and rhinestones.

When you consider that my entire outfit (worn below) is 100% thrifted and has a total head-to-toe value of $43, you can't help but be impressed, right?!? Sounds expensive, til you start calculating what I would have paid RETAIL for all of my vintage finery! The hat would probably run you ~$40 alone! Let's not even get started on the dress and the cardigan!

And now...(drum roll, please)...for the REAL score of the day!

I've been saving the BEST for last...

The find of a LIFETIME!...

...Are you ready?...

...Are you?...

A $7 1920s flapper girl dress in PRISTINE condition! No tears, holes, etc. (though there are a few worn spots that are hardly noticeable)! Sheer black silk fabric (I'm wearing a black slip underneath it in the pictures, FYI), metal snaps up the side, threaded ribbon belt with hand-embroidered medallion (and matching sleeves).

Probably the most amazing piece of vintage clothing I have ever owned, and one with a retail value in the HUNDREDS of dollars. Not that I will ever, ever, sell this (sorry, ladies!).

And now, feel free to bask in my glow (just kidding!).

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