Saturday, January 16, 2010

All In A Day's Work

Today I transplanted my sole cinnamon tree sprout (fingers are crossed for the rest to germinate in the coming weeks!), and several of my san pedro cactus seedlings that were overcrowded in their pot. That cleared space for a new germination tray to be planted! This time, I planted 7 compass plant seedlings (in a test germination on this plant, I kept the seeds outdoors for several weeks to g
ive them cold stratification. Then, I gently uncovered one of the seeds from its outdoor bed and planted it - I had a vigorious germination in two days! So, seeing this, I went ahead and repeated the process with 8 other seeds, leaving the rest in the outdoor flat for a natural germination in the spring), some heirloom tomatoes, Greek Mullein, Costmary, Mexican Tarragon, White Horehound, and Blue Vervain (yes, I know that Blue Vervain tends to want a cold stratification, but I thought testing a few seeds in this manner wouldn't hurt - I had great success with my Balloonflower seeds and they never recieved a 6 week cold stratification from me!). All of my Oregano and Thyme seeds have germinated, and I am getting my first parsley sprouts. I didn't soak the parsley seeds in warm water overnight (as is often recommended), so the germination time was a bit longer (however, all the seeds appear to be germinating just fine). I have my first agave sprout after roughly a week, and am still waiting on my peruvian torch cactus seeds. They seem to be taking longer than usual...?

I was outside yesterday weeding one of my new raised beds, and discovered that my licorice is beginning to show new green shoots (as are my comfrey roots!) - how exciting! Even my tulips are beginning to peek above the surface of the soil. I do so love watching things grow!! I am really looking forward to seeing the front yard (norm
ally an ugly, bare patch of mulch) awash in colors as the literally HUNDREDS of tulips I planted last fall flower. I can't wait to get pictures!

I also planted three peach trees yesterday along the fence line between our private "Innkeepers' Backyard" and the old female llama pasture. Not only will this provide food and shade in the years to come, but it will also help to hide that ugly "poo build-up" that tends to occur in winter from the Apothecary Suite. I am going to get more peach and plum trees and plant a "Fruit Tree Walk" along the future fish pond...once all of my landscaping becomes established, this is going to be a truly beautiful property. I will have the knowledge that I made it so - beginning from nothing and using my own bare hands.

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