Friday, January 22, 2010

What Are(n't) We Teaching Our Children?

A few days ago, some children ran up to the fence line we share with the vineyard & asked, "What are those 'things' running around over there?" The "things" in question were CHICKENS. These children did not recognize what a chicken looked like (nor did they appear to know anything about chickens). Now, I'm not saying that every child needs to be a farmer, but shouldn't they at least be taught to recognize the cow before it becomes their hamburger? Have people become so desensitized that when they think of pork, chicken, and beef, their only image is of the plastic-wrapped packages at the grocery store?...Did you know that most people do not associate cows with beef/hamburgers, or pigs with pork, etc.? Most people never even think, when buying their Thanksgiving turkey, of the animal as it appeared in life. "You mean to say that turkeys don't just magically appear featherless, headless, and in pretty plastic packaging?"

Don't believe me? Try it sometime: ask a person what the first image that comes to mind is when they think of meat.

The answer is disheartening...

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Honey and Hotstuff said...

Amen to that! thanks for the post. It is fun to watch your little farm grow.