Friday, January 22, 2010


This morning dawned foggy and frigid, with snow capping the surrounding mountains. I hurried through farm chores bundled up in a fleece jacket, enormous scarf, and beanie hat. My winter time outdoor get-up generally makes me look like the Marshmallow Man. But at least I stay fairly warm. After a few hours, the fog burned off, and the day turned clear and cold. After the intense physical labor of the past two days, I was determined to relax ("relax" in Jillian vernacular is not quite the same for most people though). I began by saying a sad farewell to my tray of seeds that did not germinate - dumping the soil onto the compost heap. I replanted the tray with some Stupice & Orange Oxheart tomatoes, Jalapeno peppers, Mexican Tarragon, and Echinacea purpurea (what can I say? I enjoy variety!). I attempted to transplant some parsley seedlings, but decided that my herbs were still a bit too small. Next, I repotted some of my Dragon Fruit cactus cuttings that had finally rooted, and set them in a kitten-proof area of the house (or at least what I hope is a kitten-proof area!). I went out to the barn and filled up 6 plastic trays with grain, a dusting of loose mineral, and a dose of wheat germ oil, and took them out to the goat pasture for my pregnant does. I did "udder checks" and ligament checks and generally succeeded in annoying the heck out of my goats, which is my general goal in life. After that, it was off to our several acre woodlot to collect fallen pine logs. I did a few loads of hauling logs back to the house in the slippery terrain, and then knelt down (much to the extreme displeasure of my screaming muscles) and proceeded to saw the smaller branches into 18" pieces, and chop the large logs into firewood. I stacked a 2-day supply next to our back door, and went to our woodstove to begin the laborous process of trying to start a fire using very damp wood. Thankfully, we had just received a stack of bills in the mail, so I had plenty of tinder! Once I had the fire going well enough to where I felt I could leave it alone, I went into the kitchen and began mixing some herbal wormer and molasses into what my husband and I call "Worm Balls" for my pregnant does. This is a very messy and stinky process, but we only use herbal wormers because we do not want chemicals in our goats milk. Finally, I sat down for some lunch, and here I am: almost 4 pm, and I am just getting around to eating. Where does the time go? I started my day at 5:30 am...

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