Friday, January 29, 2010

Falling Asleep Over Dinner

That's pretty much what is going to happen later. I am ready to fall flat on my face out of sheer exhaustion! The "kit-tard" (as we - mostly - lovingly call the new demon kitten) woke us up at 2 am this morning and wouldn't let us go back to sleep, so right now I am heading into Hour #14 of wakefulness (and expecting to be able to head off to bed around Hour #19). A man on craigslist was selling old wooden pear crates for $5 a piece, so I convinced Ryan to go down there with the truck yesterday and pick some up. He could only fit two in the truck. Apparently, they are LARGE pear crates. As in 4 feet wide x 4 feet long x 2 feet deep! So today I unloaded them off of the truck and placed them in the back of the property by my other raised beds. I managed to fill one with soil and compost and plant my remaining asparagus crowns in it (which have already begun to awaken thanks to the warmer weather we've had lately). That's a LOT of wheel barrow loads in a morning! In the early afternoon, I had a friend arrive with my old row boat (now my newest raised bed and yard art!). I am going to paint it and decorate it (maybe even put a pirate flag on it!), so it's going to be a very adorable addition to my garden. She also dropped off some yellow dock, gravel root, purple bergamot, and sorrel plants for me. I just finished planting those in their new homes. In exchange, I gave her some Echinacea purpurea, Balloonflower, assorted basils, Hibiscus, and Marsh Mallow plants that I grew from seed over the winter. I love having friends who garden!

Well, the animals are screaming, so you know what that means...

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