Friday, January 22, 2010

Long Day's Journey into Night

W, what a crazy couple of days over here...started my morning on Wednesday by chasing down 7 escapee donkeys who decided to go for a run around the property in the pre-dawn light. Guess I hadn't latched the gate as firmly as I thought (it was hard to see with the enormous piece of hay I was carrying)...anywho, later that day, I also discovered that my darling donkeys had completely chewed through one of their wooden fence posts (which was 6 feet tall and buried in 3 feet of concrete), so I had to spend my afternoon digging out the old post and anchoring a new one. I was SORE and in dire need of sleep at the end of the day! Well, I go to bed and fall asleep for roughly two hours, at which point my husband and I were awakened by a noise similar to bombs repeatedly going off. I guess the wind had almost completely ripped off the top cap to our chimney (it was only held on by one bolt), and with each gust the cap slammed back down on the chimney. You could hear it through the entire house...Needless to say, it was a long night. We repaired it yesterday thankfully. I spent the remainder of yesterday filling up raised beds with compost (probably not the smartest idea after Wednesday's activities), and my poor back started seizing up. I was determined to finish my raised beds though (and I did)! Today is definitely going to be my day to RELAX. I think I've earned it! :)

I am including some pictures of my current tomato starts. These little guys are Brandywine.

Beginning in early February, I will be germinating: Stupice, Black Krim, Brandywine, Green Zebra, Orange Oxheart, Manitoba, & Aunt Ruby's Green German, as well as Habanero and Jalapeno peppers, Ground Cherries, and Tomatillos. By germinating everything around the first week of February, I will have some nice, big starts ready for planting in May! I think I want to try using those Kozy Coats (the water-filled teepees) for some of my tomatoes this year (maybe allowing me to set them out in April?). I don't know if they are a gimmick or if they actually work, but I think it's worth a shot to find out! I will probably use them on my Stupice tomato plants, as those are the most cold-tolerant and the earliest fruiting.

Well, kidding season begins F
ebruary 1st, and some of my does look ready to pop. I am praying for an easy kidding season this year.

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